Sunday, October 16, 2011

Verses From Bhagvat Gita

Few Verses from Bhagvat Gita ...

Chapter 2:12
There was never a time when I or U or Any of these Kings here did not exist .and all of us shall certainly exist in the Future too.

Chapter 2:56
... He who is free from Desire,Passions,Fear & Anger is said to be a sage of tranquil mind.

Chapter 3:3
..... Devotion can be on the basics of two things. One on the basis of knowledge for those involved in contemplation and other is for the yogi's which is the path of action.

Chapter 3:42
The senses are superior to sense objects,the mind is superior to the senses,superior to the mind is the intellect.Superior even to the intellect is the SELF.

Chapter 5:15
The all-knowing God is not responsible for anyone's good or evil actions. Human beings are deluded because their knowledge is covered by ignorance.

Chapter 5:27-28
The way to attain liberation is to concentrate on the area between the two brows (eye brows), equalizing one's inhalation & exhalation, Controlling the senses,mind & the self and giving up the anger.

Chapter 6:6
The mind is the friend of one who has conquered it. But for the one who hasn't done so ,the mind is his foe.

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