Friday, June 24, 2011

I have a problem .....

Problem - A word everyone in the world tell atleast once in a day.

And once said ,the reply from the other will be "everyone in world is having it,so don't make it as an issue".

Among all, there are few who lives happily with the problems.You see them smiling all the time,Seems like they don't have problems.

But frankly the person will be having a lot than the other.

So what can be done for it ?

There is a saying "When a new problem comes , you forget about the old one...". Its so true that most of us realized it in our life .

- First list out your problem .. (come on, don't joke .. don't say like all people to list down the problems).
    Yes,You really need guts to list down what are the problem you have.Its not that easy. But work on it to list it.
- Read it few times
  Read the list you prepared again and again. For few days Just read that piece of paper.
- Time to Drill down
 Now its time to take one and list out  whether anything can be done by you for this problem (is the ball in my court?).I can assure you almost on 50%-75% of the problems ,you will have nothing to do on it. So take them out of your list as now you don't have to do anything with it.
- Whats left
 The left will be those on which you can act. List down the activities you need to do to solve this issue. Take time in finding the activities.
There may be few on which you can act now but may later.So leave those too.
And you are only left with Problems that you can do something and that too you can act now.
So Time to enjoy the Moment.

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