Monday, May 7, 2012

Tomato Curry

Its one of the most easy and tasty one to prepare ..

1) Take few tomatoes (if for 2 persons then atleast 4 ripened ones)
2) Cut them into small pieces.
3) Take a Onion and cut it in Slice
4) Take one or two Mirchi and cut it in slice (side ways)

1) Taka a Kadai (Keep it in stove)and put some oil on it.
2) Add the Urdu Dal and a little Mustard
3) Now add the onion and the Mirchi ,fry if for sometime till the onion gets Brownish.
4) Add the Tomato ,a little Tumeric & Salt.
5) Keep the Stove in SIM (low Flame) and leave the tomato to get mix . (If needed ,add a little amount of water)
6) After some 10-15 minutes ,you will get an awesome tomato curry.

What is the difference in doing this?
Generally, people add Mirchi powder or take it so early. which result in different taste or the tomato doesn't get mixed well. By following the above one you will get to taste the REAL Tomato curry. Try it and post your comments.

The Programmer ....

The Greatest Programmer who inspired me a lot ...

His Program has a billions of variables ,
A variety of Exit conditions....
Any time it is twisted ..
And all the time its perfect ...

The Programmer is the GOD ...

He had written a script that handles all different organisms in the Universe..

He wrote in such a way that all are not handled in the program in the same manner.. everyone has a unique execution Path and a unique Output.
The way he introduce the Situations in a Life is a complex Logic that he did it with ease and Perfection.
As not only he introduce the situation he also shows a way to resolve (not many get to it).

Wow ... is a single word I can say when I get to think about this Programmer !!!!!


தெரியாத அடுத்த வினாடிக்கும் ,
அதை யூகிக்கும் இந்த வினாடிக்கும்
இடையில் உள்ளதே  வாழ்கை ....

வாழ்ந்து பார்க்கலாம் வா ...

விரும்பியோ விரும்பாமலோ நீ எடுக்கும் முடிவே உன் வாழ்வை அடுத்த வினாடிக்கு அழைத்து செல்கிறது .