Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can I download Nokia FREE apps from OVI Store to PC ?

Currently Nokia OVI store is not availing the option to download  the FREE apps to the Pc :-(

Searched in Google and found in few Forums some workaround,

1) First of all there is no option to download the apps, so click on "Send to Friend".
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2) Now go the address bar and instead of " send to Friend" type "download.

3) This pops up a window asking where to download and save it in your PC.

Now the intresting Part, after downloading you will able to directly install only the .sis files all others (.jad, needs modifications .

1) For .sis files , do a double click and it will look in the attached phone and run the app.
2) For .jad , open the file in the Notepad++ or in notepad . Look out for "MIDlet-Jar-URL: " , copy the https://  -> URL next to it and run it in a browser, it will give a .jar file .Save it and run it :-)
3) for , rename the file by removing the ".dm" and open the file and remove top four lines till binary and the space.

Here you go .. you can install the FREE apps.

Forums : (Search for OVI apps)

Note : The above is a suggestion/workaround compiled here from different forums.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Google Reader

The recent #^%&!* from my friends ==> You are sharing a lot of posts !!!!
So now I write one more post to share on how I get information to share.

The source page for me is Google reader :-) ,yep  (Get started with Google Reader)

The Google reader provides the option to add subscription to most of the sites and just like Buzz this gets you the information updated in the sites you have subscribed.This helps me in getting updated to the latest tech info and the updates from my Friend's blogs :-)

-- BUZZ will send the update of your site only when you add the site to "connected sites" in the your BUZZ settings. Try Google Reader.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Deck of Cards

A picture of four Unters of German cardsImage via Wikipedia
This world played with me like a deck of cards,

Those who won me,
They threw me away!

From whom got lost,
They also threw me away!

Reading the above verse in my friend's blog reminded me "NOTHING IS PERMANENT" .
This holds good for all Situations and will help to remember who you are .

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