Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quick Chutney - Mint leaves & radish

One of my Favorite chutney..

- Mint Leaves (good amount -100gm)
- One small radish
- one Tomato (optional. I love to have tomato in all my recipe :-) )
- Small onions 100gm
- Curry leaves (little)
- Coconut (cut pieces or grated ,as required)
- Urdu dal (little to fry it in oil)

Lets Do it :
- Fry the urdu dal in oil with curry leaves
- Add onion & radish and fry it till it turns golden brown
- Add the coconut and continue the frying
- Add tomato and mint leaves
- Fry it for few minutes and turn off .
- Keep the pan till it get cold
- Grind the contents in Mixie

Your Chutney is ready to eat

Tastes good with Dosa & Chapatti.

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  1. I Love this :) :) when you prepare it for me... i know :)