Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Learn from within ..

Everyone wants to be like a child,  

innocent and living the moment ....
Laugh ..  
Play ...

I'm not going to talk about that,

Let see what you have done as a child,

  • Coming into this world and getting used to new place can't be compared to a person getting into a new company or new place !!!! 
  • Stepping out of Home and going for the school for the first time .... oh God , I wonder how I did that .
  • Finding friends, wow that so easy in childhood.
  • Failing on so many things to learn so many ... falling from cycle more that 100 times to learn the cycle ..
  • And so many 

As you already faced most of the current scenario in your childhood & became what you are now ,

Instead of worring about the issues, just say to yourself , you have faced a lot already, Just one more .....

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