Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True : One of my Favorite Quote and the recent example is Sachin (100th 100 ),Who proved it again.

Lets go for the words from Swami Vivekananda,

Take up an idea, devote yourself to it, struggle on in patience, and the sun will rise for you

It's defined in the simplest way, that You can decide your LIFE.
You are the one who are deciding How you are going to be!!!! (God gives it to you)

Taking one at a time ...,

1) Take up an Idea 
Your Heart always gives the best ever Direction for you. Listen to your heart to take the idea. (Follow your Heart).

2) Devote Yourself to it 
Give your 100% .Think on the idea ,work on the idea... Be on the idea .
By doing this you will get the way to achieve your idea.
You get the plan on how to go.
Just having an idea will never work until you devote time on it to put it to ACTION.
"ACTION Speaks more than WORDS"

3) Struggle on in patience 
There is no shortcut for the Success.The Success doesn't taste good if there is no struggle.
So go through the struggle on the idea you have taken and
at any point do not lose the patience or the confidence on reaching the goal that you have set.
The struggle here could be a DOOR which is closed, its upto you whether you stand upto your IDEA and figure out the way to open the DOOR or to drop your idea.

4) The sun will rise for you 
Following the above three will take you to the GOAL.
If you have went through three steps with complete JUSTIFICATION to your idea , you know that you will reach this GOAL well before it comes to you.

You become a Person who makes a NEW PATH instead of the REGULAR one. (Two Choices)

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