Sunday, April 17, 2011

Control Self or Distract Self

How good are you in Controlling self or in Distracting Self ?
The Great people say that we should have a good control of SELF to attain a Greatness in Life.
And always the mind goes behind the one that we say don't GO .

Then how to get the control ???
How about trying this ....

-- Say you want to stop watching TV.
Saying your mind to stop doing this as you are wasting the precious time which can be utilized for something good.
As said above the mind goes back to what you said not to do, it think on that and finds away to do it.
In this situation you can try something different and that is distraction. Distracting your mind from the one which you don't want to do.
Instead of saying don't do that, try saying do this.
Like in our case, instead of saying don't watch TV say lets go out and play !!!!!

Believe you can control and for sure you can do it.
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