Sunday, September 19, 2010

Heart Vs Mind

This is Civil war going inside everyone of us.
Let me try my best to get into more of it..
Mind and Heart almost all the time gives two different solutions for a single situation.
Example : One ball to go in IND Vs AUS with one wicket of Aussie remaining and 6 to get...

Mind says Ricky pointing is there in crease and he will get it.
Heart says India is going to  win.
Result is not we are going to talk about.

How mind is able to say AUSSIE is going to WIN ?
Mind is Knowledge , it gets as much as of information from what we see, learn, hear...
So it searches a similar situation and tries to provide a solution from that..
Here in this case the Mind Decides based on the experience and knowledge a person has on Ricky pointing's batting .

But Heart doesn't go in the same way , it keeps the option open . Heart goes for what we want rather than  what might happen. Like, Sachin tries to HIT a 6 and Bravo is in the Boundary line waiting for the BALL, our Heart says he should not catch, eventhough our mind know the ball doesn't have that much power and it will not cross the  boundary.

So is it always the mind is correct and heart doesn't ?

Nope !!!!
Mind of everyone is different , the one with more knowledge on a particular subject gets it right from the Mind (most of the time).
And Heart works on Miracle, say My waiting list in a train is 70 and my train is by next week. Most of  them told it might not get CONFIRMED.But my heart says I'll. So i waitied and got it.

Is it some miracle happened here?
Hope everyone knows that 70 People cancelled their trip and I got it.

The point is we don't know beyond certain point whether it will happen or not, so that time its better to follow your heart than mind as HEART has more SUCCESS rate here. :-)

Have a Great time with your Heart and Mind.
                                                                                                                                     --- Srinivasan .K

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